Pleasure Herbalism

The next course begins in Winter 2025

Pleasure Herbalism

The next course begins in Winter 2025.

ONLINE herbal education for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).


This class is inspired by the intimate relationships I have had with plants for a long time.

Plants know me well. Sometimes, they have known me better than I’ve known myself. They have helped me transform into more dynamic versions of myself. They have shown me worlds, emotions, experiences greater than my imagination could comprehend (and granted, I have a very active and creative imagination).

The love and relationship they offer me is vast. Is profoundly transformative. Is reciprocal. Consensual. Is one of the more sincere types of love that I know.

Pleasure Herbalism is calling in people who are already on a journey with pleasure. Folks who have a support system in place to hold space for them during this journey. Folks that have started exploring how their pleasure is or has been impacted by trauma and abuse. Folks actively doing deep self-reflection. This class is a contribution to that work.

The details:

This class hopes to meet folks at a crossroad where they are ready to welcome pleasure in new and expansive ways. We are calling in people that are curious about how plants can support this journey of self-exploration. Depth. Desire. Joy. We will explore how plant medicine can actively and consistently help materialize pleasure in many different forms.

The course is offered via Zoom live stream for full participation. In addition, a recorded option with closed captioning is uploaded each week


*Payment plans and accommodations/support are definitely available for folks that need it.


This is a Queer and Trans friendly space. We use gender neutral language when addressing the entire class. We are also super thoughtful with people's pronouns. We ask, we remember, and we respect the pronouns people use.

An online space in which you can be curious, explore, deepen, and engage in conversations about pleasure and plants.

Pleasure Herbalism: what to expect

Pleasure Herbalism offers a blend of community conversation, self-reflection, teaching and medicine making demonstrations. Each class includes:

  • Week 1. Class Welcome ELEMENT: Air | Desire and Consent | Self-Cleansings with Breath and Wind
  • Week 2. ELEMENT: Water | Welcoming Desire | Herbal Sprays, Steams, Baths, Soaks, and Cleansings with Water
  • Week 3 ELEMENT: Fire | Igniting Desire | Cleansings with Fire and Herbal Smoke
  • Week 4 ELEMENT: Earth | Embodying Desire | Movement, Soil Therapy, Flower Medicine, Elixirs, and Self-Cleansings with Herbs
  • Week 5. Closing Reflections
Berenice Dimas

Hi, my name is Berenice. I am a queer herbalist who was born in Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) and grew up on Tongva lands (El Monte, CA) since I was 3 years old. My Ancestors are from Michoacan, El Valle de Toluca, and Guanajuato in Mexico. Plants have been part of my life for many years. My mother was my first herbal teacher. She raised my two sisters and I with herbal medicine and remedios caceros (home remedies). The classes are informed by my mother's teachings, wisdom that many teachers have shared with me along the way, and the relationship I've had with plants since I was a kid.

I've been facilitating learning spaces for 16 years now. After High School, I went the academic rout and got both a B.A. and M.A. Once I finished my M.A., I worked as a High School Teacher in East Oakland, CA. Being in the classroom with young people changed my life. They challenged me and taught me that teaching was not about teaching at all but rather, it was about supporting people through a process and journey. After Teaching at the High School, I transitioned into district wide Mediation, Restorative, and Transformative Justice work. Eventually, I launched my passion project Hood Herbalism in 2016 which has now become my life path. I've been following the energy of Hood Herbalism since. Currently, I am also in midwifery school.

In class, my facilitation style is very hands on, collective, and engaging. I share what I know and I am also invested in providing a mutual learning experience where people are encouraged to share their own knowledge and contribute what they know. Thank you for visiting our site and for being interested in the classes.

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