Berenice Dimas

Berenice Dimas (she, they, ella)

Hi, my name is Berenice. I am a queer herbalist who was born in Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) and grew up on Tongva lands (El Monte, CA) since I was 3 years old. My Ancestors are from Michoacan, El Valle de Toluca, and Guanajuato in Mexico. Plants have been part of my life for many years. My mother was my first herbal teacher. She raised my two sisters and I with herbal medicine and remedios caceros (home remedies). The classes are informed by my mother's teachings, wisdom that many teachers have shared with me along the way, and the relationship I've had with plants since I was a kid.

I've been facilitating learning spaces for 16 years now. After High School, I went the academic rout and got both a B.A. and M.A. Once I finished my M.A., I worked as a High School Teacher in East Oakland, CA. Being in the classroom with young people changed my life. They challenged me and taught me that teaching was not about teaching at all but rather, it was about supporting people through a process and journey. After Teaching at the High School, I transitioned into district wide Mediation, Restorative, and Transformative Justice work. Eventually, I launched my passion project Hood Herbalism in 2016 which has now become my life path. I've been following the energy of Hood Herbalism since. Currently, I am also in midwifery school.

In class, my facilitation style is very hands on, collective, and engaging. I share what I know and I am also invested in providing a mutual learning experience where people are encouraged to share their own knowledge and contribute what they know. Thank you for visiting our site and for being interested in the classes.

Jess Angelica

Jessica Angélica (she, her, hers)

Jess was born and raised on Tongva land. She has roots in El Salvador, Guatemala, & Northern Mexico. Jessica is a queer tía, dog mom and proud Scorpio sun. She is called to herbalism by teachings, knowledge and medicine sent by her grandmothers. Jessica is particularly passionate about expanding her relationship with plants in order to support cycles of intergenerational healing and peace in her family and communities.

Jessica's lived and work experience is grounded in abolition and reproductive justice frameworks. She has worked for reintegration programs for formerly incarcerated folks in LA and as a family planning health worker with LA youth. She came to the Hood Herbalism family 4 years ago and began facilitating intro classes in the summer of 2019. As a facilitator, Jess supports students in building relationships with plants and herbal medicine making.

John Jairo
John Jairo

with John Jairo (they/he)

John is a community worker and mixed-media artist. They were born and raised on Tongva lands in the neighborhoods of Bassett and Boyle Heights. John has roots from the Chihuahuan Desert (West Texas/Chihuahua), Central Mexico (Aguascalientes), and the Colombian Andes (Antioquia). They were first called to herbalism as a child, playing with dirt and dried leaves to make "potions," then by reading the book Bless Me, Ultima by Rodulfo Anaya that was gifted to them by their tía at 12 years old. This book gently nudged them on this path. Living in the Bay Area, as a student at UC Berkeley, their herbalism journey became solidified as they began to learn from different teachers and workshops at the Multicultural Community Center and other spaces.

Coming back to Los Angeles, John Jairo was part of the first Hood Herbalism cohort and is now honored to be able to support new participants in their journeys. This learning journey has inspired lots of remembering in their family and themself. John Jairo acknowledges that building a relationship with plants is a lifelong journey and they are grateful to the plants for teaching them patience and how to move slowly.


with Marquishia (they/their)

Marquishia is a queer African diasporic person. They were born on Métis, Anishinabewaki, Sisseton, and Očhéthi Šakówin lands (Grand Forks AFB, ND). Their ancestors and guides have placed them on the path of building and cultivating a relationship with our plantcestors. Through their connection with plants Marquishia has re-connected with their ancestral lineages. Marquishia is passionate about healing queer, trans, and BIPOC bodies through the gifts and wisdom of plants. They took their first Hood Herbalism class in 2019 and in 2021, Marquishia joined the facilitation team. Marquishia feels honored to help guide the community in building relationships with plants.