Community Herbal Education

ONLINE herbal education for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Community Herbal Education

ONLINE herbal education for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Hood Herbalism is an autonomous and community based herbal education project. We gather to unlearn and decentralize colonial ways of understanding plant knowledge. We offer an online space in which you can be curious, explore, deepen, and engage in conversations about and with the plants.

Our goal is to help you feel supported, grounded, and equipped with basic herbal knowledge to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones in these times.


New! Pleasure Herbalism: Erotic and Sensual Connections with Plants

Pleasure Herbalism is calling in people who are already on a journey with pleasure. Folks that have started exploring how their pleasure is or has been impacted by trauma and abuse. Folks actively doing the deep self-reflection. This class is a contribution to this work. It hopes to meet folks at a crossroad where they are ready to welcome pleasure in new and expansive ways.

Curious about how plants can support this journey of self-exploration? Depth. Desire. Joy. We will explore how plant medicine can actively and consistently help materialize pleasure in many different forms.

Hood Herbalism 6-Week Intro Class

In our Hood Herbalism 6-Week Intro Class, we spend time centering plants and their wisdom. We support you in seeking out ancestral wisdom, stories, and information about plants, their guardians and their medicine. We also offer practical medicine making skills every week.

We also offer:

Grounded Roots

Grounded Roots follows our Hood Herbalism Intro Class. In Grounded Roots, we expand the medicine making techniques covered in the intro class. More importantly, Grounded Roots offers you herbal knowledge and body therapies that support each body system.

Herbal Medicine for Birth

In this 3-Month journey, we will be learning different herbal medicines that can be used to support people through their birth journey. Every week we will be joined by a birthworker in the community that will share their journey with plant medicine as well as ways they use plants when supporting gestating folks.

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